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Lawless America, where everyone owns a gun and always shoots to kill. It's present day; we are not in the apocalypse, but law and true civilized living has not been found. Science continues to prosper, businesses are still open, but everything, in the end, is settled in bullets.

You are Rex, and your dream since you were a kid was to open a game store, and here's your chance! With scrap in one hand and a wrench in the other, you've built some shelving units out of the parts from the nearby landfill (I'm sure no one will notice the smell), and are ready to get started!

You've put the finishing touches on your auto targeting turret, that you've lovingly named Turdy, and have a nice big box of ammo. Time to buy some games, fill the shelves, and open the doors!

Run your store during the day, keeping customers happy, the place looking nice, and games on the shelf.

When night rolls around you'll just need to make sure Turdy's fueled and ammoed up to mow down the bandits coming in to ruin your business!

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